Q: Marital status? Children;
A: I am single without children. However, I follow the same course of life as my partner who is also a writer.

Q: Education?
A: I have a degree in electronics and a degree in computer engineering and a computer operator.

Q: What is the sound or smell of your childhood?
A: In my mind, the sound of rain and the smell of wet soil from our holiday home in Salamis, where we were spending a lot of family time.

Q: Full time writer - or do you have any other "work for a living"?
A: After several years, writing is the means of earning a living.

Q: Have any of your projects been awarded?
A: Not any specific book. But I have been rewarded for my overall writing career as a Dyslexic, from UNESCO.

Q: When did you realize you had a talent for writing?
A: At the age of 13, where I started writing my first prose but also very short fantasy stories.

Q: What made you want to write your first book?
A: The need to outsource and share with the world, all of my thoughts and opinions that tormented my mind.

Q: Do you write by hand, by typewriter or by computer? What does your workplace look like?
A: I write exclusively on a computer. Because of dyslexia, I want to automatically correct spelling errors through automatic spell check. I have an office very neat, where on or around it, i have that I know in advance that I will need, and need to use without having to interrupt my writing.

Q: If you were given the opportunity to film one of your books, what would it be?
A: Undoubtedly Amy. Because it's a book that people have loved so much, but it holds a special place in my heart.

Q: How can I get a book signed by Mario Karakatsani?
A: Come to my book signings! If you can't attend, tell my publisher by phone that you want your copy signed and I'll sign it!

Q: Describe yourself in three words:
A: Nervous, Reliable, Creative.

Q: Which character from your last novel or one of your latest novels would you like to meet?
A: Amy.

Q: Which character from your last novel or one of your latest novels would you not like to meet?
A: Cain.

Q: If you were given three wishes that would come true immediately, what would they be?
A: To guide man only in love, to have no illnesses and finally to be able to do whatever I wish without the threshold of "three"!

Q: What is harder for you - to write the first or last sentence?
A: None of the two. It is easy for me, at least until now, to start the first sentence of my book, as well as to write the word "Finish".

Q: Have you been influenced by other writers? If so, how?
A: Because of dyslexia I have never read any books. But I've seen all the films based on the works of my beloved Stephen King. Through these films, I have tried to understand how he thinks, how he makes reversals, but also how to convey to the viewer the horror without becoming graphic.

Q: Where can I get the books by Marios Karakatsanis?
A: From all known bookstores, but also by phone directly to the publishing house.

Q: How can I join your fanpage?
A: Just click HERE and you will be automatically redirected to our fanpage!

Q: What is your email if anyone wants to contact you?
A: Glad to receive your emails at kar_ma@otenet.gr

Q: What are your thoughts on censoring a book?
A: A book is in itself an independent sequel to the creator who created it. Like all autonomous beings, this is targeted at a specific category of people. No one has the right to dictate what should and should not be written in a book.
Since this way does not offend its creator as much as the reader who is targeting the work. Because he is trampled on by every inalienable right, to be able to read but also to study anything that can not only increase his knowledge but even just entertain him.

Q: What is your opinion on information and knowledge?

A: Information and Knowledge want to be free. Information and Knowledge do not belong to institutions. They do not belong to states. They do not belong to the authorities and the experts. That is why we should not accept that everything is ready for us. We have to filter, process, and reconstruct the Information that comes to our knowledge. We must create Knowledge within ourselves.
But Knowledge is not a static value that we have or do not have. It is not the few books we read or the papers, diplomas and diplomas that say we know this or that. Knowledge is a continuous evolution, it is a constant exploration, it is a constant interpretation and a constant doubt. It's a way of living, a tool of survival in our incredible universe, not a sign. Only fossils in museums have labels.
The greatest secret of Power in recent centuries is that it impedes and controls Information and, consequently, Knowledge. It dictates that we must know some things, while others do not. That some things concern us, while others do not. That some things have to be explored while others do not. That we "know" certain things and do not know others. And so, throughout our lives, you limit the development of our perception.
That is why today there are no scientists at all. That is why today there are no real revolutions. Because the only real revolutions are those that take place in our heads. Or rather they start through our head. Everything else follows ...
We live in the age of the secrets. Ordinary citizens are seen as inept and 'inappropriate' to know what is actually happening every time. In the name of… “not worrying” the public, we are more anxious than ever in modern history. They do not want us to know who we are and are trying to make us forget that we do not remember what we have achieved as a people.
We want to know what's going on. Even if we are left in doubt, inevitably, we want answers. We need them. We want to know! We want our young people to learn who we are and what we have achieved as Greeks. But Power denies us genuine, genuine information.

Q: What is your religion?

A: I am a Christian Orthodox. If I refer to God in any of my works as something completely different from what we are used to, it is because I fluctuate within imagination alone. If one only wants to read a book with good deeds and miracles, one can take a look at the Bible.

Q: What is your motto in life?

A: No fire is capable of burning you when you burn within yourself.